The Perfect Venue for Every Occasion: Winston-Salem Historic Inns

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Discover the versatile charm of Winston-Salem's Historic Inns. We have the ideal venues for every occasion. Explore how these historic spaces make a great backdrop for your celebrations, making every moment special, from weddings to corporate events.


When it comes to selecting a venue for your special occasion, the setting is crucial for generating the ambiance and memories you want. Winston-Salem, with its rich history and lovely surroundings, provides a variety of possibilities for any event you want to schedule. Among these alternatives, Winston-Salem Historic Inns stands out as diverse and enchanting venues that can transform any event into a spectacular experience. Let's look at how our inns in Winston-Salem are ideal for every occasion, from weddings and festivities to business parties and smaller gatherings.


The Winston-Salem Historic Inns cater to various milestone events

Winston-Salem Historic Inns are more than just locations; they are doors to the past and blank canvases for crafting outstanding milestone events. Whether you're celebrating awedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or any other big life achievement, these inns have a certain charm that may turn your occasion into a treasured memory. Here's how these incredible venues cater to a wide range of milestone events:


1. Weddings


Weddings are the pinnacle of life events, and our histoical inns excel at making them unforgettable. Consider exchanging vows in The Shaffner Inn's beautiful garden and then dance the night away in the Banquet Room. Our inns in Winston-Salem have a variety of rooms that may accommodate various wedding types and from micro-weddings to full weddings with 120 guests, ensuring that your big day is an embodiment of your love story. You can buy-out both The Shaffner Inn and Summit Street Inns which includes 18 guest rooms for you and some of guests to spend the night prior to wedding. For smaller weddings, The Shaffner Inn is a perfect choice and can include your ceremony and reception on the property. No matter the size of your wedding our in-house Food & Beverage team will customize your menu to fit your tastes. Our histoic inns will lend a touch of enchantment and classic style to the event, making it memorable.


2. Anniversaries


Milestone anniversaries should be commemorated with style. Winston Salem Historic Inns offers intimate and warm environments where couples can relive their most cherished memories. Whether you're arranging an intimate meal for two at Founders Restaurant or a small gathering of close friends and family in the garden at Summit Street Inns, we provide warm and inviting locations at both The Shaffner Inn and Summit Street Inns. Our devoted team can assist you in curating every detail of your anniversary celebration, ensuring that it symbolizes your enduring love.


3. Birthdays


Birthdays symbolize the passage of time and progress, and old inns provide the ideal setting for commemorating special occasions in your life. These spaces can be altered to accommodate everything from elegant soirées to themed gatherings. Whether you're planning a sweet sixteen, a fantastic fortieth, or any other age, the Winston-Salem Historic Inns provide all the amenities to make your special occasion unforgettable. Our team can help you decide which Inn is the best fit for your style and party size and we'll take care of creating the perfect menu for your day.


4. Baby Showers


It is a happy occasion to welcome a new life into the world. Winston-Salem Historic Inns provide welcoming locations to gather friends and family to celebrate the approaching arrival of a child. The cozy parlor of The Shaffner Inn is a great choice for an intimate celebration. If you prefer a luncheon in the garden or on a patio, Summit Street Inns will be your top choice. You'll love celebrating the arrival of your bundle of joy at our inns!


5. Graduations


Graduation is a great achievement, and our inns can serve as a fantastic setting for celebrating this achievement. Whether it's a high school graduation, a college achievement, or a new career milestone, these locations provide settings for graduates to celebrate their accomplishments. We are located near Salem College, Winston-Salem State University, UNC School of the Arts, and Wake Forest University making the travel time for your recent grad a breeze! The rooms in our inns can be personalized to reflect the graduate's journey, fostering a sense of pride and celebration and we can create a menu for the evening that your graduate will love.


6. Corporate Milestones

Important corporate occasions deserve a particular celebration, and historic inns host memorable gatherings. These venues, whether for an anniversary, product launch, or achievement recognition, blend historical elegance with modern comforts. Their individuality sets the tone for professional yet unforgettable meetings, allowing you to celebrate accomplishments in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Your employees will love having an off-campus event at a historical venue.


Our distinguishing feature is the ability of Winston-Salem Historic Inns to curate events that make a lasting impression. These venues ensure that every special occasion becomes a cherished memory by providing individualized service, attention to detail, and a passion for designing extraordinary experiences. Each celebration is a rare experience with historic elegance and modern comfort.


Services and amenities available at the Historic Inns


When it comes to hosting your special occasion, Winston-Salem Historic Inns are more than just locations - they're partners in creating extraordinary memories. These inns are your entryway into a world of charm and hospitality, whether you're celebrating your dream wedding, an anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a corporate meeting. Here are some of the outstanding services and amenities available at Winston-Salem Historic Inns:


  • Our dedicated team is ready to help you make your vision a reality. Event management professionals ensure that every element is painstakingly planned and implemented, from the first spark of inspiration to the final toast. They collaborate closely with you to develop an event that is truly yours, taking into account your style, interests, and goals.


  • At Winston-Salem Historic Inns, no two occasions are alike. The indoor and outdoor areas can be tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a huge celebration, these adaptable locations can make your vision a reality.


  • From delicately plated dinners to lavish buffets, the in-house Food & Beverage team creates menus that appeal to the tastes of the guests. Whether it's a wedding reception, a baby shower brunch, or a corporate luncheon, you can count on a dining experience that precisely suits the mood of the occasion.


  • While tradition is valued at Winston-Salem Historic Inns, we also provide modern conveniences to make your event comfortable. The facilities have hi-tech audiovisual technology, comfortable seating arrangements, and other modern comforts to improve your experience.

Picturesque Surroundings of the Winston-Salem Historic Inns 

When you enter the world of Winston-Salem Historic Inns, you are entering a realm of enchantment, where every moment is drenched in the glory of history and the beauty of nature. The scenic surroundings and the timeless attraction of ancient venues offer remarkable encounters that will live on in your heart and memories.


Our historic inns are beautiful landscapes that appear to have been painted with an artist's brush. Consider exchanging vows beneath the canopy of gorgeous trees, with sunlight streaming through the leaves, creating a natural, magical atmosphere. Its surroundings enhance your event to a degree of beauty that can only be found in nature's embrace, whether it's a romantic garden wedding, an intimate outdoor party, or a calm gathering.


You are transported to another period when you enter one of our locations. The inns’ classic charm is present in every aspect, from the beautiful woodwork to the grand architecture. It's as though the walls themselves are telling stories from the past. This timeless beauty elevates any gathering, turning even the most mundane moments into treasured memories.


It's gorgeous surroundings and old architecture create an enchanting setting for your event's photos. Every camera click captures the people and atmosphere, transforming each shot into a work of art.

The Winston-Salem Historic Inns—A Versatile Venue for Diverse Occasions

Consider a venue that can easily alter to suit any occasion, capturing the essence of your event while embracing its distinct charm. That's exactly what Winston-Salem Historic Inns provides—a dynamic haven that adapts to your vision, making every occasion memorable.


From small meetings to large festivities, the Winston-Salem Historic Inns provide various locations that can suit your needs. The broad choice of indoor and outdoor locations allows you to build an event that exactly represents your style and guest count, whether it's an elegant wedding, a small birthday, a corporate seminar, or an intimate baby shower.


Do you have a certain theme in mind? Our venues provide the ideal backdrop for whatever theme is part of your vision. The diverse interiors can be useful for a wide range of themes, from rustic and old to contemporary and stylish. The historical backdrop adds an extra dimension of realism, bringing your event to life in a setting that compliments your vision.


The Winston-Salem Historic Inns achieve a balance between nature's tranquil beauty and the exquisite comfort of indoor rooms. Whether you're organizing an alfresco cocktail party beneath the stars or an intimate interior supper, these locations seamlessly integrate the finest of both worlds, ensuring the ambience of your event is exactly as you want.


Winston-Salem Historic Inns—Your Partner in Creating Memorable Events


Flawless events are not just about avoiding mishaps; they're about creating an environment where you can be fully present, relishing each moment with everything being impeccably managed. It's about allowing you to be at ease on your special day, knowing that the exceptional service at Winston-Salem Historic Inns is the invisible thread that holds everything together.


Whether it's the joyous laughter at a wedding, the excitement of a milestone celebration, or the success of a corporate gathering, the goal is to create experiences that transcend expectations. The event planners always feel honored to be a part of your journey. 


When you choose the Winston-Salem Historic Inns, you're not just choosing a venue – you're choosing a partner in crafting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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